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Welcome to CraftyShopper, your one stop online shopping guide to the greatest products available to consumers. At CraftyShopper we diligently collect the most helpful product reviews online, narrow down the best products and list them down for a quick and easy shopping experience that is both hassle free and rich with hours of consumer research. Because you just can't find out how good a product really is or how well it lasts from short term lab tests or product reports, we research reviews created by consumers just like you, in many cases from consumers who have used a product for many weeks to months to even years so you can assure the product is time tested through regular use.  

  Here you will discover the best baby products reviewed by real mothers, the best kitchen products reviewed by actual chefs, the best electronic products reviewed by true techies, gaming products reviewed by gamers, beauty products reviewed by stylists... well you get the picture.¬†You'll also save some hard earned money because we've also collected some of the best prices we've managed to find online on each product on our list. ¬†Saving money and getting the best deals on the best products is what being a crafty shopper is all about. Browse through all the different categories you may even stumble on to something you didn't even realize you needed : )

Space Heater Buying Guide

best space heater
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Old, large,wooden floor homes or huge, high ceiling, cement floor urban lofts can be such a perfect place to call home, but a nightmare to evenly heat in the winter. Despite all of the weatherproofing that may be in place, large open spaces can drafty in the winter and can be very difficult to heat. [...]

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